How It Works

How Net Orbit Works

Net Orbit can be setup across your entire network in as little as thirty minutes. This page describes how the platform functions and the installation process. Described below are the two parts of Net Orbit.

Client Application

This is the application that gets installed onto the networked computers that you own and have proper consent to monitor.

Online Control Panel

The Online Control Panel is the tool that the network administrator uses to monitor, filter and interact with the networked computers.

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The summary below describes how the installation process works. It has never been easier to enjoy the power of this effective network monitoring tool. Act now to take back control of your employees.

Signup and Install


Install the latest version of the Client Application onto each computer that you own and have proper consent to monitor. Once installed, open the application, adjust the settings and save. The settings are set to default settings so you could leave them as is and adjust them later from the Online Control Panel.


Create account and install application


Activities are Monitored/Filtered

Now that the Client Application is installed onto all of the computers, it will begin to monitor the computer activities that you set and insert the logs to your account. Net Orbit will monitor your employee’s screenshots, web history, applications used and more.


If any filtering settings were set in the Client Application then those websites and applications will be blocked. Notifications about unapproved computer activities will also start to be sent to either your email address and/or the Online Control Panel depending on your settings.



The application monitors computer activities

Login to the Online Control Panel


The filtering section allows you to block websites by categories such as porn, gambling and violence. Create blacklists of web addresses to block and whitelists of addresses to allow. Then choose any or all applications to block. Each computer can have its own filtering settings.


The Online Control Panel has powerful admin tools that let you customize the network monitoring to fit your needs. You can receive notifications on unapproved activities that you choose, export activity logs, get the latest updates, and remotely change each computer’s monitoring settings.


View computer activity logs in the control panel

What's Next

Net Orbit is the perfect platform for any employee network. It helps employers monitor computer activities and control usage. This simple system consists of two parts. The first part is the Client Application, which is installed on all of the computers and mobile devices on the network. The second part is the Online Control Panel where you login monitor, filter and control activities by employees on company devices.

See how it works in your environment!

System Requirements

Client Application

Online Control Panel