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Retina-X Studios, LLC has been a leader in computer monitoring software for years, serving thousands of customers in more than one hundred fifty countries. Our software is extensively tested and updated regularly to ensure a stable operating environment for our customers.


What began in July 1997 as a web consulting and design firm, Retina-X Studios, LLC soon began creating monitoring software products to meet the needs of parents and employers who had concerns about computer and mobile device usage.


In the years that followed, Retina-X Studios, LLC began to exceed consumer expectations for monitoring software by developing and releasing products like Net Orbit and SniperSpy. Retina-X Studios, LLC continues growth today with award-winning products such as Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff.




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Retina-X Studios, LLC continues to receive attention from various media outlets all over the world. You may have heard about us from The New York Times, Newsweek, Reader's Digest, or PC World Magazine.


This page shows excerpts of how Retina-X Studios, LLC has been mentioned in the press. From local to international media, we are proud to offer the latest cutting-edge monitoring technology to consumers and businesses.

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Jacksonville, Florida - USA

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731 Duval Station Rd. Suite 107-203

Jacksonville, FL 32218

United States of America

 "Software programs that speak to parental fears are manifold. Parents can block Web sites, getting alerts when the child searches for them. They can also monitor cellphones: a program called Mobile Spy promises to let parents see all text messages, track IP locations and logged activity."


The New York Times' Jan Hoffman talks about Mobile Spy speaking to parental fears in an article titled "As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-Up."


 "You don't have to work for the NSA. All you need is $79 to buy a piece of software called SniperSpy. Parents login to a secure account to watch the monitored computer like a television."


Forbes contributor Larry Magid writes about SniperSpy and how it can be used.


 "Retina X Studios has released a Mac version of its SniperSpy monitoring software that lets concerned parents and employers watch the entire screen of their children or employees' Macs instantaneously from any location. It's a hybrid monitoring system that also displays full activity logs of chat conversations and other activities."


Macworld's David Dahlquist describes the launch of SniperSpy Mac monitoring software to readers.


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Retina-X Studios, LLC

13453 North Main Street, Suite 201

Jacksonville, FL 32218

United States of America

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