Network User Monitoring

Keep Track of Computer Network Usage and Block Unwanted Activities

Are you concerned about the computer activities of employees on your company network? Do you think users are wasting time on Facebook accounts or sharing company secrets with outsiders? If you have multiple computer users at your business then it is reasonable and wise for you to be monitoring their activities.


Research has shown that many employees use social media, and some even browse for other jobs during work hours. What's more, employees have been caught viewing porn, gambling and using chat messenger services. If these network user activities go unchecked, it could cost your company a great deal in loss of productivity and/or legal fees.


The solution to this problem is to keep track of the activities with network user monitoring software. While there are a few programs that will help you to monitor your network, none can compare to the robust features, ease of use, and customer support that you get with Net Orbit.

LIVE Network Monitoring Features

Live Commands

Make the monitored computer restart, logoff, and shutdown.

Online Indicator

Lets you know if the computer is online and date/time of last screen.

View Live Screen

Watch any network user in full screen mode to see their actions in actual size.

Enlarge to Full Size

When viewing the live screenshot, switch to full screen to view actual size.

Logged Network Monitoring Features

Applications Used

Lists applications used and categorizes the results by date for easy navigation.

File/Folder Changes

See what files and folders have been changed by your network computers.

Screenshot Logs

View screenshots of all computers or a specific computer.

Websites Visited

Each URL visited will be logged showing username, timestamp and title.

Chat / IM / Text Msg

Log all chat and instant messages sent and received by your network users.

Printed Documents

Logs all printing activities performed. Shows what was printed and by whom.


Net Orbit gives details about what was copied by your network users.

Document Tracking

Helps you to monitor documents on your network.

View Remote Location

View the IP locations of all your network users with link to a map.

Top Ten Reports

Get top ten reports of the most common network computer activities.

User Login Activity

See which users are logging into your network with date and time of the login.

System Information

View system information of the monitored computers such as memory and OS.

Content Filtering and Admin Tools

Custom Website Filter

Add URLs to blacklist to block access and add URLs to whitelist to allow access.

Manage Multiple Devices

Your panel helps you to easily manage large setups from a single account.

Website Category Filter

Block websites by categories such as porn, gambling and violence.

Application Filter

View a list of installed applications and select which ones to block.

Export Logs

Export all or certain logs to PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT files for archiving storage.

Remote Settings

Change settings, stop monitoring and uninstall  from the Control Panel.


Get alerts when blocked applications and websites are opened.

Search Logs

Search logs to quickly find what you need from all users or a single user.

Why You Should Monitor Your Network Users

Real Customer Stories

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What are these unapproved activities? They are checking Facebook, chatting on messenger services, online shopping, and visiting inappropriate websites to name just a few. The consequences of network user transgressions can range from loss of productivity to serious legal ramifications.


Thankfully you can track and control your computers with Net Orbit network user monitoring software. Net Orbit gives you the power to see the live screen of computers on the network in real time, view logged activities, send administrative commands, and block activity with content filtering.

Start Network Monitoring in Three Easy Steps




Start Network Monitoring in Three Easy Steps

See how it works in your environment!

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