Are you losing control of what your employees are doing on your devices? Do you suspect that they are wasting time at work checking their personal Facebook accounts or visiting inappropriate websites? Now you can monitor their activities in real time and keep them productive by using Net Orbit employee network monitoring and control software. Read more below to learn how to increase employee productivity today.

Program Description

Network Monitoring Diagram

Client Application

Online Control Panel

Net Orbit is the perfect platform for any employee network. It helps employers monitor and control computer and mobile device activities. This simple system consists of two parts. The first part is the Client Application, which is installed on all of the computers and mobile devices on the network. The second part is the Online Control Panel where you login monitor, filter and control activities by employees on company devices.

Installed onto client computers and mobile devices. The program cannot be shut down by employees.

LIVE monitoring, view logs, set filters and control your networked computers and devices using any computer, tablet or mobile device that is connected to the Internet.

Mobile Monitoring Features

Real-Time Employee Monitoring and Logged Monitoring

Achieve clarity on all activities!

Printed Documents*

Top Ten Reports

View IP Address Location

*Windows-only feature

Employee Monitoring Features

Logged Monitoring

Screenshot History

Applications Used

Web Sites Visited

File/Folder Changes


User Login Activity

Chat / IM

Document Tracking

System Information

Live Monitoring

View Live Screen

Live Commands

Enlarge to Full Size Window

Simultaneously View Multiple Screens

View Screens LIVE

Net Orbit sets the standard in real-time employee network monitoring and management. Are your employees playing games or surfing inappropriate content? Net Orbit helps you to stop the time-wasting activities and protect your property.

Watch any network user in full screen mode to see their actions in actual size.

Make the monitored computer restart, logoff, and shutdown.

When viewing the live screenshots, switch to full screen to view actual size.

View multiple user screens LIVE in a single window.

View screenshots of all computers or a specific computer.

Log a list of every application executed by users for later viewing.

View logs of files and folders that have been changed.

Log a list of every web site users visit for later viewing.

View what is copied onto the monitored computer’s clipboard.

Log all chat and instant messages sent and received by your network users.

See what documents were printed.

View system information of the monitored computers.

See which users are logging in with date and time of the login.

Track documents to see who does what with them and where.

View the IP address locations of all your users with link to map.

Get top ten reports of the most common computer activities.

Online Control Panel

large computer network image and diagram


Multiple Device Management


Admin Tools

*Windows-only feature

The Net Orbit platform includes your own Online Control Panel for monitoring and control of your computers. What’s great is that you get everything, anytime, from anywhere. Login from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the Internet to perform LIVE monitoring, view logs/notifications, and adjust filtering and other settings.

The home page of your panel gives you a quick overview and key statistics.

Your panel helps you to easily manage large setups from a single account.

Get alerts when blocked applications and websites are opened.

View all devices, change settings, export logs and update your Net Orbit.

Network Administrative Tools

Easily manage large setups!

content filtering

Content Filtering

Block websites and applications!

Application Filtering

Website Category Filtering*

Custom Website Filtering

Blocked Activity Alerts

*Windows-only feature

Content Filtering

View a list of installed applications and select which ones to block.

Block websites by categories such as porn, gambling and violence.

Add URLs to blacklist to block access and add URLs to whitelist to allow access.

Net Orbit allows you to block unwanted activity with the content filtering feature. You can customize the settings to block applications, websites by category and by address.

Get alerts when blocked applications and websites are opened.

Network Interactivity Features

Level with employees directly and be heard!

Live Commands Symbol




Additional Features

Export Logs

Remote Settings

Get Notifications Emailed*

Search Logs

Stop Monitoring and Uninstall

*Windows-only feature

Net Orbit gives you other features to help with your network monitoring. Export logs for archiving or legal purposes. Search the logs to quickly get what you need. Get email notifications* about certain activities that you choose. You can also stop monitoring, remote uninstall, view logs summary and clear logs while logged into the Online Control Panel.

Export all or certain logs to PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT files.

Remotely change monitoring and filtering settings.

Get alerts about unapproved computer activities.

Search logs of all users or just one user at a time.

Uninstall the client app with the Online Control Panel.

See how it works in your environment!


Increase Productivity




Protect Property




Bring Compliance



Still not sure?

Consider these benefits!

Stop time-wasting activities so employees can focus on the job.

Stop employees from distributing any private company information or property by letting them know they are monitored.

Get everyone to march to the same beat by unifying your policy enforcing method with accurate clarity and built in time-saving measures.

Filtering settings let you set and forget, knowing that your usage policies are practiced even when you are not there.

Cloud-based technology with the Online Control Panel gives you an ultra-fast experience and unheard of power from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

24/7 Chat with one of our technical support agents or submit through our support ticket system. Implementation Coaching Program available by appointment.

System Requirements

Client Application

Online Control Panel