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View Multiple Screens and Manage Students in Real Time!

As a modern educator you are faced with modern teaching obstacles. If your classroom is full of computers then you already know the distraction they can create for students. They can be distracted by surfing the web, playing games or performing unauthorized activities. These types of activities ultimately harm the students' grades and behavior in any network environment.

Missing Class Work

Poor Attention

Failing Grades

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Since you are unable to constantly keep watch over every student, what can you do to supervise their computer behavior? If you are serious about improving your students' discipline then Net Orbit is the solution.

  • View multiple computer screens LIVE in a single window!
  • Send commands to restart, logoff and shutdown!
  • Block unapproved websites and applications!
  • Get notifications when block websites and applications were tried!
Classroom Monitoring Figure

Net Orbit allows you to view all of the students' screens while sitting at your own workstation. You can zoom in on any particular user with ease to watch in full screen mode. Visually spot trouble users within seconds!


This program is easily deployed across your classroom network in just 30-60 minutes. Once installed, you can perform actions such as locking at PCs while you give instructions.