Top 5 Ways Employees Waste Time at Work Looking at Cats and Other Things

Let’s face it. Every employee has wasted a few minutes at work. In order to break the tedium of doing the same thing over and over again, we have all taken a minute or two so that we could spend time on something that was not sanctioned by the upper-ups. Some would argue that small breaks here and there actually boost productivity by giving the mind some rest before re-addressing a given topic. But truth be told, distractions do not help with focus and minutes add up to hours. Hours that cannot be taken back.

It’s a given that time is going to be wasted while at work. There are water breaks, bathroom breaks and topics of discussion amongst colleagues. There are personal matters to attend to, interesting emails to read, and targeted banner advertisements which all direct our attention away from what needs to be done. The struggle comes from finding a balance between morale and focus which will make each employee operate at their best while contributing as a whole and being productive for the company. Whether there is too much work done that a person becomes burned out, or too little work to where not enough is done, poor balance will lead to waste.

Here are the top 5 ways in which employees waste time while using the internet at work.

Paying Bills
The reason we all have jobs is that we all have things which need to be paid for. Paying the bills is something we all do. Paying the bills while at work however, is something relatively new, as online billpay has only been around for a short time. Of course, it is important that employees pay bills on time, but these could be done just as easily at the home, and it is the amount of time spent away from work that is important.

Chain Letters
Send the link of this article to everyone in your contact list or frogs will fill your laundry basket on the second moon of each solstice. We all have received funny and inspirational stories from others via email which encourages us to share with others in hopes that something will become popular or entertaining. Reading, forwarding and responding to these messages take time, and many employees do this while on the clock. While chain letters can be fun and boost the spirits, they are highly unprofessional and should be addressed only at appropriate times.

Clicking on Ads
Businesses rely on third-party websites for a variety of workplace related tasks, including research. Not all websites are created equal. Unless a subscription is paid, most webmasters will recruit the support from advertisers who place attractive banners all over their sites. Clicking on ads leads to shopping and browsing coupon sites with more ads. Much like paying bills while at work, shopping and clicking on ads pulls company resources away from being productive.

Social Media
It almost goes without saying that employees waste time at work using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest connect people from all walks of life, and act as an online party-line which is always connected. Many businesses have their own social media departments which increase the visibility of the company. These social media sites are loaded with distractions and employees eventually end up wasting some company time using these sites.

Looking at Cats
Whether they are working hard or hardly working, cats seem to be the bees’ knees when it comes to wasting time at work. Employees can’t seem to resist the temptation of using company computers to get a peek at an adorable bundle of fur with an insatiable rage towards villainous balls of yarn and laser dots. To break away from the workplace doldrums, many workers turn to YouTube and other forums seeking personal entertainment. They feel that a short escape will help them improve their attitude or allow them to address a tough topic with a fresh mind. But personal distractions in the form of videos or other entertainment media draw valuable company resources and attention away from what the company wants to spend its resources on. Videos even have a counter at the bottom which will tell exactly how much time is being wasted.

No matter what an employee does to pass the time while at work, employees need to understand that time is a valuable asset. No one wants to be a poor asset, so finding a balance between being fruitful and performing carelessly is key. Monitoring software is an important tool for any employer who utilizes computers at their place of business. With monitoring software such as Net Orbit, employers can analyze how each employee manages their time and determine which staff members need improvement and which situations warrant leniency.

Net Orbit keeps logs of each computer at a business or place of education. Supervisors are able to pull up all activities and review them remotely at any time to get a precise representation on how each person is performing. By reviewing applications used, websites visited, instant messages sent and received, copied data and changed documents, administrators can determine which applications and websites to block, as well as determine if disciplinary action needs to be taken. Net Orbit comes with a free trial so employers can quickly see how important it is to keep an eye out for wasteful activities.

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