Staffometer Employee Time Tracking Software with GPS Locations

Every day, thousands of workers work remotely, away from a central office. For time tracking that is both reliable and accurate, Staffometer time clock app is available for Android, with iOS availability coming soon. The Staffometer app works to close the gap between workers and their place of business. Workers install the app to their phone or tablet and are able to clock in, on the go from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Both the ones who keep the books and the workers who clock the hours can benefit by using this software service to keep up with hours worked and wages earned in real time. A smartphone with an Internet connection can usually pinpoint within a reasonable distance as to where the device is located anywhere on the entire globe. This provides accountability for the workers, and saves a lot of effort and time when it comes to managing payroll.

Secure Web Panel

A company that uses Staffometer will have access to their own private portal for viewing hours worked by each employee. Any time a worker clocks in or out, the data is inserted into their own personal file which is viewable by the supervisor from anywhere in the world. GPS locations are kept for future reference when reviewing accountability for compliance.

Staffometer Online Control Panel

Location Services

The great part about time clocking with a mobile device is that smartphones and tablets are equipped with GPS locators. Finding out where workers are located and where they have been while they are on the clock is important for making sure that tasks are being completed most expediently and with due diligence. Real time updates allows for more efficient coordination and strategy when it comes to putting employees in the right spot at the right time.

Helpful Reports

Staffometer not only helps company store the data that they need, but it also allows for data to be read in a way that makes sense to the ones who will be using that data. From the Online Control Panel, managers can automatically see how many billable hours have been worked by each employee, break time that was taken, wages earned and attendance details providing specific times and places from which employees clock in or out. This gets rid of a lot of the legwork that was once needed with older methods of keeping everyone’s time sheet accurate and up to date.

Employee Clock In Reports

Actionable Data

Employees who often travel to various locations for business and businesses which operate fleets of vehicles need reliable ways to check on the facts on the ground. The information from workers when they use Staffometer will show if too much time is being spent in one place or if one worker can be dispatched to a certain job because they are closer to it than other workers.

Free Trial

A free trial is available for businesses to try Staffometer on an Android device, with iOS compatibility coming soon. The 7-day trial works with up to three workers and is the first place to start when it comes to actually seeing how technology can benefit businesses of all size with a scalable time sheet solution.

Once an employer signs up with an account for the Staffometer Online Control Panel, they will be able to add contact information and billing information of each employee separately. The number of workers that are added corresponds with the number of licenses the supervisor has available in the account.

Employees that are added within an employer’s control panel will receive an email at the address that the employer specified in the control panel. The email sent to the employee will contain their Staffometer username and password and information for installing Staffometer to their device. Once they sign in using the username and password assigned to them, the application will automatically synchronize with the company’s portal each time the worker clocks in.

Staffometer Free AppFree App

Workers download the application to their device for free, at no cost to the individual employee. As a software service, the employer is responsible for maintaining the subscription for the service, but the software and additional updates to the system will be distributed at no cost to subscription members or their employees.

Every worker will have access to their own set of times entered into the system, but only the employer with the main account’s password will have access to all of the reports. The secure system allows for workers to hold themselves accountable while also making it simple for payroll workers to do their job as well.

Online reports are compiled online, automatically generating common reports on wage data. Once a supervisor sets initial data such as wages earned and blocks of time that are rounded to, everything is automatic. Reports can be exported in common formats for viewing with popular spreadsheet applications such as Excel. Gaining accurate information that has already been calculated makes applying that information quicker and easier, giving everyone in management a heads up about who was where, when they were there and how long it took.

Employees who work outside of the office can end up wasting a lot of time traveling to and from the main office for the sole purpose of updating their labor hours. It makes sense to use a smartphone app to update the information more accurately and effortlessly than possible any other way. Using an application such as Staffometer to keep up with workers and how much they are earning will keep costs down and allow for more productive work no matter where the work is being done from.

Staffometer comes in a few different packages depending on the size of the business. For pennies a day, making something such as payroll calculations simple, reliable and automatic is well worth the peace of mind. A 7 day trial will give a business one week to use Staffometer on three devices at no cost to see that the application works. After that, 3 workers can use the system for $10 per month or up to 10 workers for $20 total per month.

Staffometer is affordable and competent technology that costs as little as 7 cents per day per employee and manages company logs of the comings and goings of every employee on the payroll. The personalized clocking in and out from a smartphone holds each worker to account for the time they have worked and the locations they have traveled while on the job. Calculating wages is part of the job and Staffometer makes it easy to get rid of a lot of the stress related to time management.

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