Net Orbit: Tips and Tricks When Using Employee Monitoring Software

So you’ve found the most advanced activity monitoring software available. But how can you best put it to use? Here are some tips.

View Multiple Live Screens

Net Orbit does more than just provide you with a history of screenshots of your company’s computers. With Net Orbit, you can see what is occurring right now, on every computer in your company’s account. This enables you to view one, some or ALL of your network users’ screens in real time. A thumbnail of each screen is presented to you and swiftly updated to give you a bird’s eye view over all of your users.

Net Orbit Network Tips

It is not always easy to spot what is occurring at a place of business where many computers are involved. What may appear to be an isolated incident with one employee could actually be an office-wide trend. With many computers in different locations throughout the company, it is important to be able to see that each employee is working on their own tasks in a way that benefits the team in productive ways.

With Net Orbit’s Multiple Live Screen Viewer, you can check in at any time to see if your employees as a group are putting the cover sheet on those TPS reports or just playing solitaire. You can see if your students are doing their assignment or wasting time on Instagram. You can find out who is reading the latest memo and see who needs to pay more attention.

Block Websites and Applications

We all know how difficult it can be to remain focused while connected to the World Wide Web. That’s why it is important for employees to stay away from sites which could be a distraction. If employees are spending too much time on Facebook, YouTube or eBay, then they are not able to pay attention to what needs to be done.

Net Orbit Website Filtering

Students also need a hand staying on track so that school computers are used for education and not as an Internet lounge. Net Orbit allows for the system administrator to only allow access to specific sites, or block entire websites by name. This removes the temptation to veer away from assigned tasks.

Monitor the Clipboard and Pasteboard Data

There are many who do not understand the value of intellectual property, and there are some who actively steal information for their own personal gain. A student might copy someone else’s work and present it as their own, or an employee might be revealing company secrets to outsiders.

Net Orbit allows system administrators to check on the text that is copied and pasted on each of their computers. Check to see where text is copied from and see where it was pasted. This will allow you to notice when company assets are being leaked via email or compare a student’s paper to the research they were gathering.

Export Logs

Backups are important for any system. Backups are needed not only for when one system fails, but also for accessing or sharing data that may be in use somewhere else. Net Orbit enables you and your system administrators to export logs in CSV, XLS, PDF or TXT formats. These files can then be easily printed up to share in meetings, or imported and searched for specific incidents and the number of times they occurred. Exported logs can be filed along with disciplinary actions for precise record keeping.

Free Trial

You can try Net Orbit for free for 7 days to see how it will work for you. The trial will work with 3 computers and allow you to get a feel for when you are ready to monitor all of the computers on the network. You will be able to see what each computer is up to at any time. Keeping a tight lid on how your network computers are being used just became a lot easier. Try Net Orbit for your business or school today.

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