Net Orbit Monitoring Software Now Compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 has been released, providing new features and addressing issues users had with Windows 8. To start, the operating system brought back the start menu and has integrated more personalized features along with it. Windows 10 users can search for programs and files directly from the start menu, and opening the start menu also brings up a personalized tile system for quick access to apps that are most used. Microsoft has simplified their office tools and now offer them for free, and they have done away with Internet Explorer in exchange for their completely rebuilt browser from the ground up, named Edge. Windows 10 also aims to be an operating system that works in many forms, making it easy to install on a tablet and switch from using a keyboard and mouse or just using a touchscreen. Windows 10 also features a personal digital assistant named Cortana, which works seemingly familiar when considering Apple’s Siri, except Cortana works on desktop computers as well.

Windows 10 is a free download, so many businesses are making the switch and upgrading their computers to use the latest operating system and all the promising tools that come along with it. Workplaces face a variety of issues when issuing computers for their employees to use. Internet access makes it easy to get distracted, and there are unsafe areas of the Internet designed to trick people into installing malware which might extract sensitive or confidential information. Workers may spend too much time on personal distractions such as updating their Facebook profiles, forwarding chain mail or playing games when they are supposed to be working. This is why it is important for employers to keep an eye on their employees when using company computers.

Fortunately, Net Orbit corporate computer monitoring software is now compatible with Windows 10. Net Orbit gives supervisors and administrators the ability to review each computer or Android smartphone/tablet under the company’s domain. Net Orbit gives managers a central web portal for reviewing logs and making determinations on who is working and who needs a push in the right direction. With Net Orbit on a company computer, employers can monitor:

  • History of Screenshots
  • Website Addresses Visited
  • Applications Used
  • Copied and Pasted Data
  • Documents Accessed and Edited
  • Documents that are Printed
  • Instant Messenger Logs
  • IP Address Location
  • and More…

Net Orbit works for any company computer, laptop or Android device from any location, so workers can be monitored while in the field or from separate office locations. The accountability measures ensure compliance and promote good working habits. In addition to monitoring capabilities, supervisors are also able to remotely log off or shut down any user of a company computer and put a stop to dangerous or unauthorized activities. The multiple device management system can be configured to send notifications to employers whenever a worker visits an inappropriate website or application that they are not authorized to use. This keeps workers working instead of finding distractions to slack off with.

Businesses can sign up with Net Orbit for free and begin monitoring up to three devices. Signing up for the free license creates a personal password-protected online account where managers will go to review logs and download the client applications for each of their computers. Once the client applications are installed, logs are automatically inserted into the online account and separated by device. The client will begin monitoring at each start up. Only the manager or administrator with the password will be able to alter or remove any Net Orbit settings.

Businesses that have put off upgrading their Windows computer to the latest Windows 10 can take advantage of the free upgrade and know that their workers will be able to use the latest tools in the workplace while still staying safe and productive. Now that Net Orbit is officially compatible with Windows 10, there is one less reason to hold off taking the plunge and upgrading desktops and workstations in the workplace. Along with a free upgrade to Windows 10 with the all new features, businesses can also set up Net Orbit workplace computer monitoring software on up to three devices for absolutely free. Current subscribers to Net Orbit will have no problem upgrading all of their computers and transferring their licenses.

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