Increase Productivity With Employee Monitoring Software

Any workplace where employees have access to the Internet is a workplace that needs to look out for how company time is spent. The Internet is full of distractions and companies rely on the Internet more than ever to conduct business. Being able to account for wasted company time can be difficult because wasteful activities can be largely unnoticed. Employers can increase productivity by using employee monitoring software to map out how time is being spent by each employee.

Employee monitoring software helps employers curb distractions by allowing them see which websites were visited and which applications were used and for how long. By viewing past activities, employers can determine which websites and applications cause the most distractions. The software can also prevent employees from engaging with inappropriate websites or from playing games while at work.

Good teamwork comes from being able to get a complete picture on how each person can contribute to collective success. Employers who use monitoring software are able to improve employee efficiency by determining each worker’s strengths and weaknesses and arranging work duties so that everyone functions better as a team. Monitoring software allows managers to notice who the most productive employees are and get a look at how those employees conduct their tasks so that others can follow suit.

Another reason for employers to consider network monitoring software is accountability. Unrestricted Internet access at work allows employees to be tempted to engage in behaviors which would not be acceptable.  Monitoring software on company computers will let employers know if company secrets are being leaked, if unauthorized sites or apps are accessed or if someone is conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner. Data can be reviewed and used for filing incident reports whenever abnormal or unacceptable behavior is presented.

Net Orbit is premier monitoring software for companies which use the Internet to conduct business. With Net Orbit, employees are able to remain on task while giving the employers a good idea on how company time is being used in real time. With Net Orbit installed on each of a company’s computers, employers can then login to their secure web panel to simultaneously view multiple screens or bring up computer screens individually. Bosses receive screenshot logs of each Windows or Mac computer and are able to review each individual’s activities from a single location.

Net Orbit logs a list of every website visited, application used, folders changed, documents used, documents printed and instant messages sent or received. A bird’s eye view of activities will help employers determine Net Orbit settings such as application filtering or block websites by category or specific URLs. Net Orbit allows employers to manage multiple company devices at once and receive alert notifications when disallowed activities occur. Net Orbit gives managers admin tools which would allow them to remotely shut down or restart a computer within the company.

Net Orbit helps increase employee productivity simply by being there. When employees know that their behavior on company computers is being monitored, they are more apt to only engage in the types of behaviors which would benefit the company. Employees tend to get more work done and come up with more creative solutions when they know their activities are being logged and reviewed. Net Orbit employee monitoring software helps increase productivity by giving employees motivation to strive and employers the tools necessary in order to achieve success.

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