How to Grow Your Business Through Networking

Strong social skills are honed by establishing and maintaining new social networks. In the business world, social networks makes a huge difference when it comes to getting a brand name out there and finding connections that lead to collaboration and growth for everyone involved. It is often said that one hand washes the other, and this can be seen by the way that networking between businesses and organizations can create an environment where everyone benefits from each other.

When a lot of people hear the phrase “social network” they immediately think of online social media giants such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. While these are definitely social networking websites, real social networking is done face to face or on a personal level between representatives from both businesses. By meeting with the people behind every day operations, it makes it easier to broaden the range of audiences of people who can be helped and help you in return.

Good social networking skills make a business grow. Here are some tips for sharpening network skills to be used for growing a business.

A good first impression

The first time you meet someone leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. There are often some uncontrolled variable for every situation or environment, but there are some things that we can take a look at to make sure that the first impression is a good first impression. Body language says a lot about a person, so it is important to convey confident body language without looking like you are trying. A good rule of thumb can be to mirror the types of body language that other confident people are using.

Someone with confident body language has:

  • Arms not crossed or in pockets
  • Chin up
  • Shoulders back and relaxed
  • A genuine smile
  • Welcoming eye contact
  • A firm handshake

The handshake

A handshake is a sign of respect and involves physical contact that sends and receives a little information about the person who is shaking hands. A confidant handshake is firm but not overbearing, while a hand that lax or uninvolved in the handshake shows a lack of interest. Shaking hands should involve eye contact with a smile that is warm and inviting. Showing confidence is not a display of aggression. A confident handshake shows that you know what you are talking about and you are interested in being where you are.

Be helpful

Focus on how you can help others, not on how they can help you. One must give in order to receive, and in a social setting, this means giving respect and providing assistance in hopes for reciprocation of these values. Showing a positive attitude and a focus on matters that are important to others is what establishes bonding for future collaboration and business growth. Take the focus away from “I” or “me” and find out what it is that makes others tick.

Be concise

Every business has something about it that makes it different from other businesses. An elevator pitch is a quick summary of a company that can be spoken in about 30 seconds to a minute. It is called an elevator pitch because it sums up everything that someone needs to know in the amount of time it takes to meet someone on an elevator while visiting someone in an office building. Being quick to make social connections is great for making opportunities to spread growth just by simply being around others who are doing work around others that you do work with. Someone who has an elevator pitch down pat shows that they are familiar with what they can do and leaves the listener with a good impression to share with others in the future.


The only way to get good at anything is to practice whatever it is that you are trying to be good at. Only practice can make perfect, and the experiences with what works and what doesn’t are the building blocks for building a system that works for you. Real life physical social networking can be practiced again and again since there are millions of people out there to practice with. As long as you try to promote yourself in a positive light and use a professional and courteous attitude, you leave a positive impression with more and more people who might just share the word with the right people.

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