How Small Business Owners Can Save on Cell Phones

According to Forbes, nearly half of the workers in the US work for a small business with less than 500 workers. 22 million business are considered non-employers, with no one but the business owner on the payroll. Another 6 million small businesses account for around 120 million workers, making small businesses the leaders in job creation since 1995. Different businesses have different needs, but almost every business has a phone line, and most workers have a cell phone that they either use personally or for work. However, what many small businesses don’t realize is that certain wireless providers offer discounts on service and equipment for anyone with a proper business ID. Instead of nearly $100 a month for individual lines, business plans can reduce the cost of cell phone usage from 50-75%. These savings are good for businesses of all sizes, but also offer great benefits and incentives for workers for a relatively small fee when compared with other employee benefit packages.

Here are some widely unknown tips and tricks for keeping the cost of cell phones down while providing efficiency and connectivity for any business.

All businesses are eligible for cell phone discounts.

Compared to personal accounts, business accounts through wireless carriers save on wireless data and per phone line for each cell phone on the company’s plan. For personal lines, most contracts will start around $85 per month with additional lines at almost half of that. A business account must have at least five cell phone plans to be eligible for a business discount, but the collective cost per line is significantly less per individual than standard wireless fees. Businesses can offer their employees the option to sign up through the business account for their personal line as long as the expense is paid every month.

Providing employees with cell phones is cheap.

Considering the amount of funds that are allocated per employee every month for benefits, a cell phone plan on a business account can be one of the most least expensive and greatly appreciated perk that a business can provide. If employees are able to save half, three-quarters or even one hundred percent of their monthly cell phone costs, then they will be more likely to consider staying with a company that offers the benefit opposed to one that doesn’t. With no limit to the number of lines or devices that can be added to a plan, workers can add their families to a business account as well.

Entire families can benefit.

Nearly one out of every six of the workers in the US is self employed with no one else on the payroll. An entrepreneur or non-employer in the family can use their business ID to sign up their Mom, Dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin or anyone else in their family who can use a break on their cell phone bill and wants to sign up. 22 million workers work for no one but themselves and pay no one to work for them, but if they use their business ID to sign up with 5 lines or more, the cost per line would be significantly less than 5 individual cell phone plans. Business plans also make newer technology more affordable and come readily available with advanced features and connectivity streamlined for business.

Wireless plans can be more convenient than landlines.

Companies with workers in the field or at separate locations need cell phones in order to stay connected and coordinate on the go. In addition to being connected any time and at any place, smartphones also offer powerful mobile computing power and the ability to use custom-tailored apps suited for scalable logistics for any business. Smartphone GPS location services rival commercial standalone touchscreen GPS systems without the need to purchase additional devices or plans. Business plans have discounted rates on talk time, especially between workers on the same plan and businesses can usually purchase large amounts of high speed wireless data that personal customers cannot. Businesses can also get set up with an 800 or toll free number that directs to a cell phone for a professional look and national coverage.

No more waiting in line.

With most wireless carriers, business accounts are handled by their own individual sales representative. The sales representative will travel to the place of business for repairs and replacements and are able to personally cater to the needs of any business. Custom made apps that make the business better are negotiated with knowledgeable staff who know the ins and outs of a business’s needs and a phone’s capabilities. When a new product rolls out, business associates are able to supply the latest and greatest to keep any company at the forefront of technology. In addition to the monthly savings per line, the VIP treatment aims to save time, money and provide an overall greater customer experience.

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