Free Software for Monitoring Employee Network Activities

Responsible businesses use monitoring software on company computers to verify any questions of accountability for workers who use the computer. Business-oriented monitoring software provides supervisors with the ability to review logs for each company computer and determine what each user has done at any point in time. There are often instances of misuse or unauthorized activities that are conducted at work. Without logs of company computers, supervisors have no way to verify if the computer was even on, let alone what types of activities were necessarily conducted. Employees who know that their activities are being monitored are less likely to engage in inappropriate activity and more likely to remain on task.

Many data entry positions require the basic ability to write words in a timely fashion. Employees that are paid by the hour are expected to reach a minimum word per minute standard to show that they can contribute within given average means for the particular task. Since computers are designed for more than just word processing, workers will often be found slacking off and using programs or surfing websites that are not related to work. Business monitoring software will give a supervisor the ability to get a birds-eye view of each computer on the company network and see how each computer is being used at any given time. Any employees seen working on unsanctioned projects can be addressed accordingly.

Another issue with workplace computers is accountability. Any time someone reports instances of harassment, it is the supervisor’s duty to discern the truth of a matter and take appropriate action. With monitoring software, a manager or supervisor can view past logs of any computer and determine if an even took place on one of their computers, ascertain the time of day and the person who used it, as well as see which network IP the computer was connected online with. By reviewing logs, employers can quickly see who is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and who needs encouragement in order to pick up the pace.

Net Orbit is business computer and smartphone monitoring software which provides employers with insight into how their computers are being used. Managers install an application on each company Mac, Windows PC or Android smartphone or tablet and then login from any internet connection to review activity logs of each company device. There are histories of websites, login activities and screenshots for each computer, sorted by category. Using the system is a great way for bosses to stay connected with all company devices from any location with an Internet connection and for monitoring company devices under their supervision. With Net Orbit, businesses can use up to 3 licenses free for their company’s Macs, Windows PCs or Android tablets or smartphones. Each company device will provide logs of:

  • Applications Used
  • Websites Visited
  • Files Updated
  • Login Activity
  • Text that is Cut, Copied or Pasted
  • Instant Messenger Chats
  • Geolocation of Company Computer’s IP Address
  • Printed Documents
  • Periodic Screenshots
  • and more…

With Net Orbit, administrators can remotely set restrictions on their company computer to determine which applications can be used or restrict permissions so that other applications cannot be uninstalled. A supervisor or administrator can also decide to lock any particular user out, restart or power off the company computer or filter websites by category or using lists for allowed and disallowed websites. Net Orbit will also alert the company supervisors with email notifications any time blocked, profane or otherwise suspicious activity is noticed.

Net Orbit is Free for businesses for up to three devices with larger plans available for purchase. The three device plan gives companies a chance to see how beneficial monitoring software can be for their business. The automated and portable service comes with 24/7 online support and helps many businesses increase productivity, protect assets and gets everyone on board with policies and methods for meeting expectations. Net Orbit keeps logs of every company device in one secure web-panel for supervisors and administrators, and is for company-owned Mac, Windows or Android devices, so it is a versatile solution for multi-platform companies. Businesses can download Net Orbit for free and get started right away with reviewing logs for each company device with a completely scalable business monitoring software.

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