Doing These 3 Things Well Will Motivate Employees

A company’s environment, culture and work conditions can have an impact on motivating an employee to produce good results. While wages are in important factor in keeping employees motivated, if personalities don’t match or if the work environment becomes unhealthy, then employees might not be able to meet their potential. In order to keep employees motivated, productive and upbeat, managers must pay attention to key fundamentals so that they can promote productive and cohesive teamwork.

Motivation can be a difficult concept to understand. There are fundamental motivators such as the motivation to eat or drink out of hunger or thirst. These motivators happen from within a person. External motivators apply to everything else in a persons environment that drives them to do the things that they do. Each person is different, and what works for some people might not work for others. Motivation is not something that can be created, it is something that must be coached or nurtured.

Below, we will outline some key principles that supervisors can keep in mind when seeking continued motivation from their employees.


Workers look to their leaders for inspiration. When a supervisor shows a passion for what they do it provides the whole team with a sense of purpose. We will often hear of successful companies who have a motto or a slogan of which to live by. Inspiration and genuine enthusiasm will attract like-minded individuals to join a company. Providing a common goal from which all members of the team can draw inspiration from will help set the foundation for an environment which fosters motivation to achieve good results.


Granted, not all businesses are in the hospitality business. There are work environments where urgency and strong assertion of decisions are necessary for high levels of motivation to get something done quickly. Many people find the levels of stress involved with these jobs often turn a sense of urgency into one of frustration. With any job, common courtesy and genuine respect for one another is important for keeping motivation levels right where they need to be in order to stay on pace. Harsh words and disrespect can breed resentment among employees and prevent them from remaining a happily motivated member of the team.


We spend a good portion of our time at work, tending to the needs of the company. After hours, workers must tend to their own personal needs and to the needs of their respective families. It can become difficult to keep up with all of the different stresses, and workers who do not feel that they are able to tend to themselves will often find themselves frazzled and in poor health in short time. In addition to encouraging workers to eat well, sleep well and engage in healthy physical activities, employers must also be flexible when it comes to giving workers time to tend to their personal needs. Doctor visits should be encouraged, especially for workers in poor health so that they can quickly return to their optimum abilities.

Motivation can be a difficult concept to understand sometimes. Even highly motivated individuals will find themselves discouraged or unhelpful from time to time. Stress can be an important factor in one’s personal drive to do a particular task at a particular time. But by keeping focus and making sure that all the right motivators are in order, employers can satisfactorily provide the right environment for keeping workers motivated to remain on-task. Just as a good coach keeps every member of a team motivated to do their part, good supervisors also evaluate their team while providing instruction and encouragement to keep everything in harmony.

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