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Version: 7.0

Net Orbit Network Monitoring Software

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Net Orbit 7.0 is an easy-to-use network monitoring platform that allows employers to monitor and control activities by employees on company devices. As a result of using Net Orbit, administrators are learning about the mobile device habits of their employees and controlling usage to increase production, protect information, and curb bad behavior.


The Net Orbit platform consists of two parts. First is the client application which gets installed onto the devices that you own and have proper consent to monitor. The second is the Online Control Panel which is where you login to monitor and control activities by employees on company devices.


Once it is installed, the Net Orbit platform gives an impressive array of monitoring and control features with unlimited scalability, all the while simplifying compliance-measuring with its intuitive structure, ultra-fast speed and portability.


This user guide provides detailed information on how to sign up for an account, how to install the client application, and how to monitor and control your mobile devices using the Online Control Panel.


Note: When the word Network is mentioned anywhere in Net Orbit content on this site or anywhere else, it is referring to a more broadened term that means computers and mobile devices owned by one entity. That may cover Virtual Networks that are not necessarily connected to a Local Area Network (LAN). Net Orbit relies on each individual device's connection to the Internet so LAN can be used but is not required.


Client App

Online Control Panel



Sign Up

Figure 1:a


Figure 1:b


Download Client App

Figure 1:c

Download Client App continued

Figure 1:d

Install Client App

Figure 1:e

Activate Net Orbit

Figure 1:f

Adjust Client App Settings

Figure 1:g

Installation Complete

Online Control Panel

Figure 2:a

Logged Network Monitoring

Net Orbit organizes your monitored computer activities into separate logs for easy viewing. Each log lets you view all of the users at once, or you can select a specific user to view its activities alone. The logs can be exported to different file formats for archiving. And a powerful search tool will help when a specific activity needs to be found.


Figure 3:a

View Logs

Figure 3:b

Select Users

Figure 3:c

Export Logs

Figure 3:d

Search Logs

Figure 3:e

Clear Logs

Figure 3:f

Content Filtering

Website Category Filtering

Figure 4:a

Custom Website Filtering

Figure 4:b

Application Filtering

Figure 4:c

Admin Tools

Logging Settings

Figure 5:a


Figure 5:b

Email Reports

Figure 5:c

Client App Icon

Figure 5:d

Change Password

Figure 5:e

Disk Space

Figure 5:f

License Key

Figure 5:g

Stop Monitoring and Uninstall

Figure 5:h

Admin Tools in the Client Application

Figure 5:i

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